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The limited liability company Carnifex spol. s r.o. is a Slovak logistics company based in Bratislava, located just a few kilometres from the Austrian and Hungarian borders. Since its foundation in 2012 the company has been offering comprehensive logistics and international freight services.
Our goal and main purpose is to offer our clients the best as well as the most efficient solutions with the aim of achieving the greatest cost savings. From experience we know that every requirement is completely different, and for this reason we address the needs of each business partner individually. We work with customers from different industries, and we prefer a personal approach at work. This is how we build strong and lasting business relationships, based on mutual trust. We are inspired by the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers.


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Efficiency is the ability to do things and make decisions in the right way.

We offer years of experience in the freight and forwarding industry, as well as services provided by our team of professionals. Daily we find the best solutions for our clients’ needs, all in the spirit of our golden rule “our client knows the when and the where and we will take care of everything else to their utmost satisfaction”.


“Flexibility does not mean we work less. Flexibility means we are able to work differently.”

Logistics is a process that involves constant planning, searching for the most optimal solutions, the ability to always and in every situation know how to react flexibly. Experience has taught us how to handle this demanding work and how to choose the best option possible.


Will your shipment always arrive in good order and on time?

Yes, for us reliability is a matter of fact. This is a complex process often requiring hours of planning and a lot of challenging, but rewarding and well-done work. In these fast and dynamic times, the sole focus is on one of the most important things, which is finding a hassle-free solution for every single requirement. Reliability really means a lot to us and it is undoubtedly one of the most important values ​​of our society.

Carnifex services

Offer of services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of transportation services. Your request will always be taken care of, whether you are transporting one pallet, a machine weighing several tons, or are looking for a way to streamline logistics. Our dispatchers are at your disposal and, if necessary, can promptly devise and deliver the most efficient solutions. Our main goal is the secure and timely delivery of the shipment.

We focus on the European Union countries and specialise in the following types of transport:

  • Automotive “Just in Time” transport
  • ADR Transport
  • Partial and complete loading all over Europe
  • Express transport
  • Two-way shipment, the so-called “Wheel”
  • Transport of bulk materials
  • “Cross-trade” transport where the pick-up and delivery are outside of the Slovak Republic
  • Thermo transport or transport with refrigerated vehicles
Availability of dispatchers outside of working hours if needed
If necessary, we will arrange transport by use of two drivers
We have a team of expertly trained professionals available to oversee your transport
Quick bidding and advice
Regular and timely information on the status and timing of the shipment
We only offer experienced and responsible drivers with knowledge of foreign languages
If necessary, we will arrange for special cargo insurance.
Working “Live Stream”
Together with Fleet Management we manage and monitor the full use of all vehicles in real time. Telematics allows you to track the current position of each vehicle and at the same time the current status of each order.
Practical options
Transports “Just in Time”, including active messages, emergency calls, and communication with the dispatcher throughout the day. Other options we offer are the so-called “Cross-trade” transports, which means that the pick-up and delivery point is outside of the Slovak Republic (for example, a shipment with pick-up in Austria and delivery in Belgium).
Proactive monitoring
Dispatchers monitor each transport via GPS. Checks are performed several times a day, and they are also in constant phone connection with the drivers. In this way we can eliminate the most common predictable problems before they happen at all.

The simplest way to convince you of our experience and the ability to handle even the most demanding requirements, is to show you the results of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

Your satisfaction is the foundation of our success, but our greatest pleasure is the years of spent doing our job and doing it well.

Automobile industry


Mechanical industry

Food industry

Textile industry

Construction industry


Carnifex spol. s r.o. – Headquarters –

Černyševského 15, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Carnifex spol. s r.o. – Office –

Chemlonská 1, 066 01 Humenné, Slovakia

Our team

Mgr. Dávid Behún

Managing director

Mgr. Lenka Porochnavá

Company Director

Mgr. Ľudmila Danková

Assistant manager

Ing. Jozef Dobranský

Head of logistics department

Dana Alžo

Freight Manager

Bc. Katarína Hrabčaková

Freight Manager

Pavol Zbur

Freight Manager

Katarína Zuurbier


Tomáš Obešter


Lukáš Tomáš


Katarína Polačková


Miroslava Šebová


Martin Voloch

Department of transportation services

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